Air Plant Terrarium

Air Plant Terrarium

I made a second terrarium, this time using air plants and this website. It was a pretty painless process and the hardest part was finding the plants. I ended up getting these 5 air plants at a local farmers market for $16. I have no idea what they are called, I just thought they were pretty. The vase (I think it’s actually a candle votive) was purchased at HomeGoods for $8. The rocks came with the house in this half wall planter type of thing that separates our kitchen from the dining area. It was filled with rocks and was a complete pain to scoop it all out. But, for some reason, I couldn’t throw out the rocks. Apparently, they were destined for this project.



Blue Rock Terrarium

As an update, my first terrarium is doing well! It usually sits on the kitchen counter top and has never been watered. It seemed to have thinned out a little and I don’t know if some plant parts died or I just didn’t plant too many. So, I added a couple more leaves. It also got some slimy spots on the glass here and there but I don’t think it was mold, I think it was just something I didn’t wipe off after the first planting and sort of got gooey. They were easy to clean up with a swipe of a paper towel.

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