2012 After Christmas Sew Along

I’m participating in my first ‘Sew Along’… this one hosted by Sew Much 2 Luv. A Sew Along is when a group of people decide to sew things and share pictures of the items. Sometimes they have themes, sometimes not. Some have prizes, some don’t. The ’2012 After Christmas Sew Along’ hosted by Sew Much 2 Luv DOES have prizes and DOES NOT have a theme… so it’s perfect for me!

Over all, it’s been a lot of fun seeing what everyone has been making and reading the comments people write about my submissions.

Here’s what I’ve shared so far:

'Ear Bud Pouch'

'Ear Bud Pouch' find the tutorial here

'Summer Blouse'

'Summer Blouse' from Heather Ross' book 'Weekend Sewing' (don't get this book though, it's not that great!)

Tea Wallet

'Tea Wallet' I already told you about this here

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